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By Olivia Fernandez, Living Planet @ Work

Through the Living Planet @ Work program, I’ve connected with dozens of environmental ambassadors at companies across Canada. Many take a holistic approach to sustainability at work by spearheading footprint reduction initiatives, engaging employees in the process, and most importantly, supporting WWF’s critical conservation work.

Fundraising for conservation is a meaningful way for companies to demonstrate their commitment and one which translates passion for nature into immediate action. We think of donations to WWF’s work as foundational gifts that safeguard the essential elements of our survival for today and generations to come.

I caught up with Living Planet @ Work champion, Ian Chandler, who recently engaged the local business community in action, awareness and fundraising for WWF’s Arctic Home campaign. This collaborative effort showcases the impact of a holistic approach and how fundraising for the environment can be embedded in an organization’s sustainability initiatives.

Ian is the president of The Carbon Neutral Shredding Company (CNSC) which provides on-site shredding services throughout the Greater Toronto Area powered by carbon neutral, sulphur-free waste vegetable oil. Ian says the truck starts up on diesel until the vegetable oil is warm and then it switches to the “green” fuel. The truck has been known to smell like French fries cooking!

This year, CNSC teamed up with the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade (APBOT) to raise funds for WWF’s Arctic Home campaign by offering on-site shredding in return for a voluntary donation. People came out with banker boxes of paper in tow, to securely and sustainably shred their paper. And they left, a little bit more informed of CNSC’s mobile shredding process and having made an impact to to the future of our Arctic.

Two shredding events were held at Lincoln Avenue Public School in Ajax for the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade (APBOT) members, and one for the employees of Durham Region. In total, with a top up from CNSC, the fundraising events raised $550!

With matching funds courtesy of Coca Cola, that’s $1100 towards WWF’s Arctic Home campaign!

“High Fives” from the polar bears to everyone who helped organize the events at APBOT and Durham Region and especially to those who braved the cold, brought their shredding out and made a donation.

Ian’s fundraising event highlights:

For the first time ever, the delivery of paper for shredding was made on a bicycle powered by Joe Arruda of Durham Region! Check him out on his bike above with Brian Kelly, the Region’s Manager of Sustainability. Now that’s dedication and commitment!

The second surprise of the day was having two $10 bills drop out of a box brought by Cindy Phillips and rescued before shredding! Cindy was the very last person at the shredding event and had already donated $20. She graciously added the “found” $20, breaking the $300 mark for Durham Region!

Special thank yous go out to Don Terry and Nathan MacDonald of APBOT and both Amy Hogan and Brian Kelly of Durham Region for supporting and promoting the events.

Want to host a fundraising event with CNSC too?

The CNSC has been in business for twenty years. They provide on-site mobile shredding, hard-drive destruction, e-waste and battery pick-up as well as being a registered participant in Recycling Council of Ontario’s Take Back the Light program for mercury-containing lamps.

If you’re interested in participating in a CNSC fundraising event in the Toronto or Greater Toronto aArea, check out their website for more info:  http://www.carbonneutralshredding.com.

Written by Ian Chandler
Ian Chandler is the Founder & Owner of Carbon Neutral Shredding Company — providing carbon neutral eco-friendly mobile shredding services with vehicles that run on waste vegetable oil!