A shredding service is only as good as the size of the shredding particle it produces. At Carbon Neutral Shredding, our shred size meets a standard deemed “high security shredding” as established by the Treasury Board of Canada. Most on-site shredding takes place with a process called “pierce-and-tear”, an efficient method to shred; not so great when it comes to oversize pieces. With a usual dimension of 5/8″, you might think the resulting particles destroy your information; simply not the case as we will demonstrate.

We’ll start with a large clump of “pierce-and-tear” shredding collected intact for authenticity.



And choose an identifiable sample area as shown below:




The separated sample actually measures about 1″ x 2″ which allows for quite a lot of text that may include confidential information. Think of a prescription label which includes a name and type of drug someone is taking. Perhaps an OHIP number too.

Sorry but now it gets worse!





IMG_0120smjpecroppedSo the 1″ x 2″ sample folds out to twice the size- likely large enough to include all the info on an OHIP or Drivers Licence. Now we are talking about protected information involving government legislation, financial penalties and the reputation of your business.

It’s not over ’til the fat lady sings. Sorry, destruction isn’t over until a name is severed from protected information. By the way, your enterprise owns, and is responsible for, the protection of private information up until the moment it is properly destroyed! 

Carbon Neutral Shredding delivers high security shredding as defined by the Treasury Board of Canada. In other words, we shred to a Canadian Government Standard.

For comparison, here’s a clump of our HIGH SECURITY SHREDDING. Just another reason why Carbon Neutral Shredding is the consumers best choice.



Written by Ian Chandler
Ian Chandler is the Founder & Owner of Carbon Neutral Shredding Company — providing carbon neutral eco-friendly mobile shredding services with vehicles that run on waste vegetable oil!