On-site Shredding – Your Home, Office or Business

Pricing starts at just $129 for up to 6 record/copy paper boxes, shredded on-site.

The more you have the cheaper it gets so contact us for your exact quotation!

Off-site Shredding – From Office or Storage Location

Pricing is based on quantity, distance, type of paper, contaminants and other factors.

Office Secure Shredding Cabinets
Locked Shredding Consoles Office

Need a regular service with free, secure shredding cabinets? Pricing starts as low as $40 a service call, shredded on-site. Price varies based on frequency, access, stairs etc.

Call 416-445-7157 or e-mail: shred@carbonneutralshredding.com

Its important you know what you’re paying for. We don’t try and sell you on off-site unless you’re a corporation with large volumes.

Some companies will say they are going to shred on-site, then send a truck without a shredder.

We hear of companies who demand a credit card up front, then send the “wrong” truck.

How about a recycling company that offers really cheap shredding? One that doesn’t even own a shredder but sells the paper to a larger company and they’re supposed to shred. You got it- “who’s on first” or “where the hell did my shredding go?”

Please. We keep it simple. There is no audit trail-its done in front of you. While we’re at it, we reduce your carbon footprint. Yours and ours. Hurray for Mother Nature- she’s loving it!