Mobile Shredding Services & Document Destruction

Mobile Shredding is what we do. Carbon neutrality is just a big bonus. 

In shredding, like most things, size matters. But, and you guessed it, its not how big the shred is, it is how small.

Mobile Shredding & Document DestructionWe shred to a minimum dimension of 1/4″ while most competitors shred to 5/8″s. That’s 150% larger and if you take a piece of paper 5/8″s wide and cover the vital information on your driver’s licence or health card, you’ll find out that 5/8″s “doesn’t cut it” Get it? Sorry for that one but its true. Try it with 1/4″ – or an HB pencil. Small is best!

Paper Shredding to DIN Standard #2: An internationally recognized shredding size and in 2010, specified by The Privacy Commissioner of Canada in an audit of federal government agencies such as Archives and Passport. Our shredding size is specifically referenced as “High Security Shredding” by the Treasury Board of Canada.

Environmental sustainability + mobile shredding Toronto = secure/sustainable/eco friendly service.

Smell the difference of a carbon neutral mobile shredding service! Our trucks smell like a chip truck when running, much better than any fossil fuel ever does.

Mobile Shredding – How it works

We come to you. We do the heavy lifting. We let you watch. You get to relax. You’re happy. You feel secure in the knowledge all your important information is completely destroyed. You get a Certificate of Destruction and an Invoice you can pay by Cheque, Visa or MC. During the shredding you can smell the french fries cooking…out of the exhaust!

Why Choose On-Site Shredding?

mobile shredding toronto99% of our Customers choose on-site shredding because it’s the securest way to dispose of confidential material.

That’s it. Its really simple and people get it. Trailer-load quantities of records, 800 per trailer, are a different matter and get special treatment too. We offer both and yes, of course it’s all sustainable carbon neutral paper shredding. Electronic media is also destroyed, then recycled whenever possible.