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Welcome to Carbon Neutral Shredding! We are a carbon neutral shredding company serving Mississauga, offering you secure shredding services while giving a break to mother nature. Our paper shredding trucks are fueled by waste vegetable oil, instead of fossil fuel. Waste vegetable oil is a carbon neutral fuel source which allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and makes our shredding services environmentally friendly.

But the fact that our exhaust smells like French fries is NOT the only thing that makes us special! Our shredding minimum dimension is 1/4″, instead of 5/8”s which is the standard for most shredding companies.  Our shredding size is specifically referenced as “High Security Shredding” by the Treasury Board of Canada. In the 25 years we have been in operation we have shredded for every level of government and every type of business. We offer secure and reliable document shredding services at very competitive pricing. We offer mobile on-site shredding and  off-site shredding, serving residential and business customers in Mississauga. If shredding is not done on-site then we provide you with a video of us shredding your documents and a certificate of destruction.

But what about your digital files? We also offer hard drive destruction services rendering both the metal plate and controller board physically destroyed, ensuring that your private or business digital information are never accessed again!

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We offer residential and business on-site shredding services. We come to you, do the heavy lifting and shred your confidential documents right in front of you! You feel secure that your private documents have been destroyed and happy to have done it in an environmentally responsible way.


Are you cleaning up your garage? Time for your annual shredding of client confidential documents? For a larger quantity of storage boxes we offer off-site shredding. We come to you, seal the storage boxes, video the unsealing and shredding of your documents and provide you with the video and a certificate of destruction.



We have been proudly serving Mississauga residents for the past 25 years. We offer high-security shredding, off and on-site. No matter the number of boxes, we provide you with a fast and reliable way to destroy confidential information and protect yourself from identity theft.


We offer business shredding solutions for small businesses and corporations. Based on your document shredding needs we can arrange a pickup schedule that works for you, from weekly, quarterly or even yearly. We can also provide you with a secure, under lock cabinet for your office to discard your documents in and call us when it is full!



Upgrading your computer hardware? Do your old hard drives contain sensitive information? We offer hard drive destruction providing you with a photo of the destroyed hard drive, with the identifying Serial Number visible. The hard drive parts are then melted for metal recovery.

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