images“It’s June 1813 and Wellington is preparing for the invasion of France”. So begins the continuing saga of British officer Richard Sharpe as played by Sean Bean. So what has this got to do with paper shredding you ask? Well, the recruiting process has been corrupted by some in the highest ranks of the British army upon which Sharpe is relying upon for replacements. When it all shakes out, its the paper ledgers that catch the villains out; ledgers meant to be burned show up, prove Sharpe right, impress the Prince of Wales, get Sharpe his new Regiment, foil the bad guys, Sharpe returns to France, Wellington wins the war, Napoleon dies in exile. QEDimages (1)

The point? Shredding is a fundamental part of privacy protection and doing it right isn’t difficult or costly. One call in today’s world brings a mobile shredding truck right to your door, your privacy is protected and if you use Carbon Neutral Shredding, no green house gas is produced.

So what would have happened if mobile shredding had existed back in 1813? Villains would have had Sharpe shipped off to Australia, Wellington would have lost the war, Napoleon would have ruled the world-pretty much and we’d be speaking a lot more french in Canada. N’cest pas?



Do the right thing. Protect your privacy. Fight climate change. And enjoy the many episodes of Richard Sharpe written by Bernard Cornwell . Here’s his link:


Written by Ian Chandler
Ian Chandler is the Founder & Owner of Carbon Neutral Shredding Company — providing carbon neutral eco-friendly mobile shredding services with vehicles that run on waste vegetable oil!