hard drive destruction torontoComputer hard-drives can contain more information than 100’s of boxes of your personal or business files. Often overlooked when out-dated computers are disposed of, there are no guarantees that your data won’t be “mined” for whatever information can be used for fraudulent purposes.

Carbon Neutral Shredding can protect you. We destroy hard-drives right in front of you, rendering both the metal platen and controller board physically destroyed. The final total hard drive destruction is performed when the hard drive is melted down so all the different metals can be recovered.

Our process begins with a photograph of your drive with the identifying Serial Number. The drive is then destroyed, a second photo is taken documenting the result and both are immediately e-mailed to your address. Cost? $10/hard-drive including e-mailed documentation. Extra charges may apply if the hard-drive(s) must be removed.

E-media Destruction? DVD and CD back-up discs? Destroyed on-site while you watch. Audio and video tapes can be shredded also.

E-waste? Your old computer, screen etc? We collect that for you as well, usually at no charge.