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Carbon Neutral Shredding and are proud to be featured in and the North York Mirror, along with our client Jubilee United Church! Way to go Jubilee United community for recycling your coffee cups and helping the environment!

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Jubilee United Church members Pat Lansche, left, Valerie Winters, Drew Winters and Judy Wells are working with North York-based Carbon Neutral Shredding owner Ian Chandler, white shirt, to dispose of recyclable coffee cups.

Ian Chandler owner of Carbon Neutral Shredding, demonstrates how he shreds coffee cups in his truck at Jubilee United Church.

Carbon Neutral Shredding, owner Ian Chandler, in his truck with shredded coffee cups.

Written by Ian Chandler
Ian Chandler is the Founder & Owner of Carbon Neutral Shredding Company — providing carbon neutral eco-friendly mobile shredding services with vehicles that run on waste vegetable oil!