Important Facts and some FAQ’s About Free Shredding at your Toronto Ward’s Environment Day 2016

Each City of Toronto Ward has a Community Environmental Day (CED) scheduled to take place between the months of April and early October. Some of the 44 Ward Councillor’s sponsor The Carbon Neutral Shredding Company to attend and provide free shredding to their constituents.


How do I participate?

  1. Check your Ward’s date for Community Environmental Day.
  2. On-line, here’s the link to Wards that Councillors are sponsoring free shredding.
  3. If your Ward’s Councillor has sponsored us, there will be a link to register for your spot in the line-up. There is no cost. Registration gives you an estimate of how many people are ahead of you during the 4 hour event.
  4. If your Ward is not listed, contact your Ward’s Councillor to inquire.
  5. When a Ward Councillor sponsors free shredding, a Twitter # is created as follows: using Ward 30 as an example, then it would be #Ward30shredding2016.
  6. Up to, during and after the event, Twitter posts will provide on-going information. During the event, posts will update the registration number being served in real time.
  7. It is not necessary to register but others who do may be served before you are.


What do I do?

  1. Assemble all your confidential documents that you wish destroyed. Please remove any binders, plastic wrapping and the like. Staples and clips do not have to be removed.
  2. We cannot accept CD’s or DVD’s to shred during the event.
  3. Place your material in any type of secure bag or box so that nothing can blow away or be lost. Taping lids onto boxes is a good idea. Security is your responsibility.
  4. There is a limit of no more than two (2) boxes per person or the equivalent. More than two? Here’s the link to obtain a quotation for service at your home or business – click here –  or call us at 416-445-7157
  5. On Environmental Day, attend the Ward’s designated location with your material.
  6. The Carbon Neutral Shredding truck will be clearly marked.
  7. Bring your material to the rear tail-gate of the truck and join the line-up. If you are registered, check for your place in line either on Twitter or on the bulletin board.
  8. Not registered? Please join the line-up. Registered participants may be served ahead of you.
  9. Never never never just drop off your material for shredding or leave it anywhere unattended. Our responsibility for destruction commences upon hand-to-hand transfer of your boxed or bagged material to our shredding technician.
  10. Once your material is handed over, just watch it being immediately shredded. Boxes will be returned to you as there is limited space on the the shredding truck.
  11. Lastly, post a Tweet about your experience and thank your Ward’s Councillor for providing you with free shredding.



  1. Q: What if I can’t make it on the day? A: You can certainly attend at another Ward’s Environmental Day but check that free shredding is sponsored.
  2. Q: What if I have more than two boxes? A: You can always opt for at-home or at-business on-site shredding but there is a charge of $99 for up to ten boxes and $6 after ten.
  3. Q: When is my material shredded? A: You hand it to us and within minutes it’s all shredded.
  4. Q: How is it free? A: Your Ward Councillor has opted to sponsor the cost of having our shredding truck on-site.
  5. Q: Is everything recycled? A: All paper and hard drives are recycled.
  6. Q: What does “carbon neutral” mean? A: Our shredding trucks run on vegetable oil so the carbon dioxide we emit while running the engine is exactly equal to the carbon dioxide that went into growing the canola oil. No more or less.