Dateline January 29th, 2015 in Whitby, ON

 Today, about 80 individuals representing Regional and Municipal government as well as public and private business, convened to support a new initiative of Durham Sustain Ability. The keynote address by sustainability advocate Mr. Bob Willard, focused on the real and truly positive business case for sustainability. In making his points, Willard articulated the “risk side to business”, that “the fact is things are going in the wrong direction and we have to position ourselves for a different kind of world with resource constraints (such as) on water and carbon.



Further, Mr. Willard advised that “if you ask the US Army what the greatest threat is to the USA it’s climate change. They don’t say terrorism they say climate change.”

Stressing the nested interdependence of business within society and the world environment, Willard went on to say “we’ve never had to talk about that ( the risk to business and resource constraints), not during elections or during normal conversations; but it’s real.” He also affirmed that “companies doing something about it are finding it’s not some kind of penalty, in any way reducing growth (however you measure that), in fact it seems to be adding to it.”

That statement captures the essence of Durham Partners in Project Green (DPPG). It’s a program of Durham Sustain Ability(DSA), representing a growing community of businesses working together to green their bottom line by building a stronger, greener and more productive regional economy.

IMG_0004smjpegDPPG delivers new forms of B2B collaboration that helps reduce your energy and resource cost, uncover new business opportunities addressing everyday operational challenges in a green and cost effective way.* Ms. Shawna Mutton, Executive Director, advised that membership in DPPG is for all sizes of  business within the Durham community.

As sustainable business practices are becoming a competitive necessity, the eco-business approach offers organizations diverse opprtunities to streamline operations through resource and knowledge sharing with proven eco-efficiency approaches.*

Attendees were also addressed by renowned jockey and Master of Ceremonies, Mr Sandy Hawley who spoke about IMG_7816the sustainability efforts of Woodbine Entertainment(a co-founder of PPG), Mr. Mark Lam of The Gathering Place, a Pickering church and Mr. Mike Morrice, Executive Director of Sustainability CoLab, who recounted how a small business in Waterloo had implemented 42 different projects while doubling profit,  relying on B2B collaboration for inspiration and support.

Finally, Mr. Terry Green,  DSA’s President, paid tribute to Mr. Jack McGinnis, on the fourth anniversary of his passing January 29th, 2015. Mr. McGinnis was the founder of DSA, the Recycling Council of Ontario and recognized as the inventor of the blue box.

In his tribute, Mr. Green related how Mr. McGinnis’s goal was always to “make it easy to do the right thing“.CoLabTransSmall

That’s perhaps a great way to end this blog. DSA and DPPG , also a new affiliate of the Sustainability CoLab Network   will in fact make it “easy to do the right thing“!

* Content courtesy of DSA and Mr. Bob Willard

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Written by Ian Chandler
Ian Chandler is the Founder & Owner of Carbon Neutral Shredding Company — providing carbon neutral eco-friendly mobile shredding services with vehicles that run on waste vegetable oil!