coffee cup recycling toronto

So what do you do¬†with your empty coffee cup when you’re done? Does it head to the trash awaiting burial in a landfill?

The Carbon Neutral Shredding Company offers a unique waste diversion opportunity that captures those coffee cups, shreds them in with confidential waste and allows for much easier and complete pulping of the cup’s fibre.

This waste reduction initiative is simple and essentially free when you combine it with the office shredding service we cup recycling toronto

Diverting coffee cups from the waste stream helps reduce bulky bags of cups that quickly fill up dumpsters; dumpsters emptied by “dirty diesel” garbage trucks. Fewer pick-ups = less cost/less GHG/less landfill space. Its a win-win-win benefit!

Waste reduction for your office! We shred and recycle it giving your cup a second life.

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