Carbon Neutral Shredding Company

    • Serving you since 1993
    • Insured for $5MM in liability
    • Has shredded for every level of goverment
    • Has shredded for every type of business
    • Carbon Neutral & Eco-friendly
    • Competitive Pricing

We know that every litre of waste vegetable oil that we burn means one litre of fossil diesel that isn’t, means zero sulfur, zero green house gas and reductions in carbon monoxide and carcinogenic particulate, means fossil oil that wasn’t extracted from the ground/seabed, shipped halfway across the world, processed in a refinery and shipped by petro-diesel powered truck to a local gas station.

If we don’t serve our clients with sustainable shredding, they will be forced to use fossil-diesel powered suppliers.

That’s why we get out of bed in the morning!

Make the Difference

Does it matter whether you use a fossil-fuel burning shredding company or use The carbon Neutral Shredding Company?

We think it matters a lot.

It matters to your SELF-do what you can, any way you can, to cut your carbon footprint.

It matters to your COMPANY-reduce your footprint and champion sustainability.

It matters to your CUSTOMERS-they will make buying decisions based upon your environmental record.

It matters to your EMPLOYEES-who all want to work for a green, sustainable enterprise.

It matters to your CHILDREN-just ask any “enviro-teen” about the issues. They get it!

Our Point

You guessed it-it does matter and we need your business to make it happen.