What is Carbon Neutrality? What has it got to do with shredding and why does it matter?

Carbon Neutrality

carbon neutralityThe concept of carbon neutrality simply means an equalization of the carbon dioxide going into the plant material from which our fuel is manufactured, to the carbon dioxide produced when the fuel is consumed.

The process of plant growth from carbon dioxide is known as photosynthesis.

The Carbon Neutral Shredding Company performs all shredding, trucking, heating and power generation processes in a carbon neutral manner.

Carbon Neutral Shredding?

waste vegetable oil or  “WVO”

We use waste vegetable oil or “WVO” to fuel our shredding trucks!

All our processes rely on the use of waste vegetable oil or  “WVO”. No oil that might otherwise be used for human consumption is burned.

Our process does utilize about 1% of fossil diesel fuel from an engine’s cold start but we strive to reduce even this by utilizing pre-heaters running on small amounts of fossil diesel or electrical heaters running on  WVO.


Why Does It Matter?

Well, the best source of information might be the David Suzuki Foundation’s website.

Its pretty clear that what can be done to mitigate the use of any fossil fuels must be done.

We conceived the idea that a working commercial truck could be built running on 99% WVO and then we did it!

Now we need every customer we can get to switch and use carbon neutral shredding.