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CNS featured on Global NEWS – The Win
Latest News, News, Recycling, Sustainability
The Win: Giving new life to old coffee cups In Episode 4 of OLG’s The Win, Liem Vu talked to Ian Chandler of Carbon Neutral Shredding who tackled one of the biggest problems in...
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Jubilee United Church & Carbon Neutral Shredding received congratulatory letters from Federal, Provincial & Municipal governments
Coffee Cup Recycling, Latest News, News
Jubilee United Church and Carbon Neutral Shredding received congratulatory letters from Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments for “taking a bold step in helping the environment”, ” commitment to the environment” and the “collection and...
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Counselor Paula Flecher leads the way with Environment Day Shredding!
Environment Day
Councillor Paula Fletcher’s Environment Day set a standard…we filled the shredding truck for the first time. About 4000 lbs.. and the Councillor got to ride on the tailgate!
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Coffee Cups CAN be recycled!
Huffington Post published a misleading article as to why coffee cups aren’t recyclable and here is the link:…/coffee-cups-recycling-plast… For starters, cups are made from highest quality bleached kraft and of course food grade....
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Featured on
Latest News
Carbon Neutral Shredding and are proud to be featured in and the North York Mirror, along with our client Jubilee United Church! Way to go Jubilee United community for recycling your coffee...
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Paper Shredding and Sharpe’s Regiment
Document Shredding, Privacy Protection
“It’s June 1813 and Wellington is preparing for the invasion of France”. So begins the continuing saga of British officer Richard Sharpe as played by Sean Bean. So what has this got to do...
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Durham Sustain Ability Re-launch
Latest News, Sustainability
Dateline January 29th, 2015 in Whitby, ON  Today, about 80 individuals representing Regional and Municipal government as well as public and private business, convened to support a new initiative of Durham Sustain Ability. The...
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Shredding Day at Lincoln Avenue Public School-Ajax,Ontario
Latest News, Sustainability
A wet and windy Saturday didn’t keep the eco-club at Lincoln Ave PS from staging a well attended Eco-day celebration which included a fabulous “Earth Rangers” demonstration, silent auction, exceptional treats and sandwiches along...
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