Carbon neutral shredding services for Markham
residents, businesses and corporations.


Welcome to Carbon Neutral Shredding, your eco-friendly, carbon neutral paper shredding services that helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Our shredding trucks run on waste vegetable oil, not gas, and our exhaust smells like French fries! But believe it or not, that is not our best selling point! Carbon Neutral Shredding’s shredders cut on a maximum 1/4″, most competitors cut at 5/8”s. That makes a huge difference on the total surface of an individual shred of paper and how much of your confidential information is readable. The Treasury Board of Canada references our shredding size as “High Security Shredding” and it is the shredding size government offices are mandated to use.

At CNS we make shredding easy for you. We offer mobile on-site paper shredding services at your location. Have a large quantity of storage boxes? We offer free pickup, we seal your boxes in your presence and video the unsealing and shredding of your documents at our facilities.

For business shredding we offer flexible service options and packages, with pickups every week, monthly or even yearly. We can customize a shredding service solution based on your needs. We also offer a free under-lock cabinet for your office that employees can discard their documents and you just call us when it is full!

But confidential papers are not the only thing we destroy. What about your digital confidential information? We offer hard drive destruction, we literally cut hard drives in two, rendering the disc unreadable and forever destroying your digital information.

For the past 25 years we have been shredding for Markham’s residents and business owners offering secure shredding services for their confidential documents. We have shredded for all levels of government and all sizes of businesses.

Pricing starts at just $109 for up to 8 record/copy paper boxes. Have more boxes? Get a cheaper price! Call us for an exact quotation.

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Our carbon neutral shredding trucks come to you! We shred your confidential documents at your location and in your presence.


Have you accumulated a large quantity of paper storage boxes? Call us to get a discount on our off-site shredding services, based on volume.



Markham’s residents have been trusting us with the shedding of our confidential documents for the past 25 years. We come to your home, do the heavy lifting and shred your documents on-site or off-site.


Our business shredding solutions and packages are very flexible. Depending on your business shredding needs we can schedule pick up at intervals depending on your volume.



As technology advances more and more of our confidential information is stored in hard drives. Even if hard drives are wiped clean, information can still be retrieved from the physical disc. We offer hard drive destruction in which we physically destroy and render the disc unreadable.

shredding services markham


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