Fluorescent Lamp Recycling & Light Bulb Disposal

30 million mercury-containing fluorescent lamps go to Ontario landfills every year
Source: The Recycling Council of Ontario

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The Carbon Neutral Shredding Company (CNSC) is an approved participant in RCO’s Take Back the Light lamp recycling program and we are here to assist with a simple, cost effective way for our customers to divert toxic mercury-containing fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapour and high/low pressure sodium lamps from landfill.

Regulations – What You Need to Know

In Ontario, the disposal of mercury-containing lamps is regulated. The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) Regulation 347 sets requirements on “common mercury wastes” which include mercury-containing lamps.

If you wish to transport a large number of mercury-containing lamps (in excess of 10-12 4-ft fluorescent lamps, as an example) they must be destined to a government approved recycling facility, otherwise the load is considered lamp waste and therefore must be registered with the Province and manifested for transport.

Are you using a waste-hauler to get rid of your burnt-out bulbs? Chances are you might be at risk for Provincial charges and fines stemming from your contamination of normal waste.

Our Service

fluorescent lamp recycling torontoWe provide a collection service that guarantees a chain-of-custody from collection through to final disposal by AEVITAS, a ministry-approved recycler of mercury-containing bulbs.

Upon collection, we provide on our invoice a detailed listing of bulbs collected, by type and size. A copy of that invoice is sent directly to  Take Back the Light  administration. Upon payment of your invoice, the recycling cost for your bulbs, charged by AEVITAS, is paid into their account. When your bulbs, along with thousands of others collected from various sources are shipped to AEVITAS, the numbers collected balance against numbers shipped.

Only in this way can you be completely assured of the integrity-of-process which protects your company.

For more information about how the process can work for you, please call us at
(416) 445-7157, e-mail us at shred@carbonneutralshredding.com

Recognition for your Company/Organization

Take Back the Light  allows for the public recognition of any organizationtake back the light that participates in a documented recycling program with a chain-of-custody that guarantees bulbs weren’t just tossed into a dumpster.

Participants are recognized at http://www.takebackthelight.ca  and the numbers of lamps collected accrue to their individual accounts.